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The road to true collaboration with your business partners begins with developing an exceptional system of internal controls. For
document intensive organizations, those controls are implemented using a robust document management system. When selecting a doc
ument management system for your organization, you will want to research systems that support collaboration as well as metadata i
ndexing, workflow routing, fast searching, document audit logs, records management, and business rules enforcement. Companies wit
h fully deployed document management systems recognize the benefits of their implementation immediately. Repetitive tasks that in
volve searching for and/or distributing company documents can be performed in a matter of seconds by a single employee. Implement
ing agreed-upon standards for storing, naming, and profiling documents means less time searching for documents and more time focu
sing on what makes the company money. The list of benefits an organization will achieve is quite remarkable. The question that in
evitably emerges is how to connect your internal business processes with resources on the outside of the organization. The capaci
ty to collaborate with resources, both inside and outside of the organization, while maintaining your internal business controls

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